An insult to preparation

Early bird today. Tweet, tweet. Or may be, “Kaw, kaw.” Okay, not that early. It was nine in the morning. So I am not there yet, but at least am moving in the right direction.

Satoshi Kanazawa has some other ideas about early birds.


Grand breakfast. Lots of ‘good wishes’ from Mama and Papa, and I left for NED university, for my exam. I got myself some new pens, and yes, a brand new plastic scale. It is so breakable. How about this: on the last day of my exams, I will break this thing into two. The girls will shriek, the boys shall hush in admiration. Good drama!

scaleIt was a really hot afternoon today. My oesophagus went sticky dry today. Three hours remained in the exam. Along with Ali and Azeem, today, we prepared outside the Petroleum department. That is where Usama and company prepare before each test.

We studied hard.

There was peace here; no classmates disturbing us over this numerical or that chart. Just Usama and company studying on their own.

Tanvir was sitting at the far end bench. He wore white shalwar kameez, and looked like a charmed saint. Behind the tree was Rizwan on one side, and Shahbaz on the other. The setup looked hilarious.

The Usama group was boiling with preparation. I was my cheery self. I don’t like to fume my tiny being over each and every test. There are just one too many, and certainly not worth it.

An hour left. Ali advised that we should perform the prayers first. He said, “These prayers shall help us in the test.” I told him that there is no relationship between our success in exams and our religious obligations.

Ah! Nobody gets me.

The test begins.

Soil Mechanics it is. Flashback: I have been studying this subject since last year. Studied from Braja and Das. Got a few concepts, but never learned verbatim. Not even a single line. Doing the parrot bores me.

I can’t sing a song that is French to me, nor can I sing one that doesn’t have a meaning to me.

Derivations. Derivations are absurd lyrics. I can’t, learn them. Therefore, I won’t try.

Problems. I shall solve them sure, but sorry its absurd to learn a complete solution.

Yet this was what this exam was all about. The same problems that we did in class, the exact same, arrive in the exam. And then there are those derivations, and short notes; they give me the killing blow.

I was so dead.

So was Ali. We studied this subject, but never bothered to learn it by heart.

Everybody had a winning smile on their face. They had a grand exam. Kick the books; just learn the problems done in class, and voila!

I am predicting 40 marks for myself; although thirty would not be a shocker as well. As for everybody else, a lot of rote learning, some cheating, and then a little help from the invigilator, they shall be getting sixty and above marks out of the 75 mark test.

How about being at the bottom of the class for not memorising selected problems and derivations.

Section 144

Jail on pillion riding. On the way back home, almost got held at Jauhar intersection, but Ali stopped his bike just in time, so that the Police didn’t see us.

How about being in jail after a bad Soil mechanics test?

Tonight: Loads of music + fun.

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