Thirty day challenge begins

It is as if the harder you try, the tougher it gets. Fifty percent effort gets me to 70 percent marks. From here the relation turns complex:

70% effort 80% marks
80% effort 90% marks
100% effort 95% marks

For hundred percent, one has to go supernatural. Some other special force has to work, always.

I spent hours today planning for the forthcoming exams (October 11). Thirty days. Days when we turn into geniuses. Turn ugly, loose shine.

30 day plan
30 day plan

On day 31, it is what we know that matters, not our hair style, car, or height.

Minimum four hours, everyday. That's my Plan. Keep in touch for the next 30.000 days to see how this experiment goes.



It rained for hours today. Good for my garden. Lizards, spiders, crows. All of them are irritated. Snails move out to one corner, only to be scooped out by me to a place 10 meters away. It would take him ten years, atleast, to return. That is, if and only if it is its mission in life to be back. Else, it is history.


Happy eids

Tomorrow is Eid. Preparing for big fun. Movies, places, dinners and chats. All day to do that, and just that.

I have to sort out, before Eid, my Einstein-ish hairstyle (just one more inch closer to the scientific star), and of course, this flu.

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