Some firsts

A good, hard day of work. We packed the donations for the relief victims of the flood. Not easy stuff for the tender hands of the calculator/pen handling student. There was no canteen, no food. Just wheat, sugar, clothes and medicine; all needing some packing. We returned home at three in the morning.

Today was the first day of my life, doing volunteer work. Also, today, I created my first podcast. Yes, like all firsts, it is terrible. Its a difficult hearing. I recorded it using my budget digital camera, so their is no noise cancellation, that is, you can hear the fan spinning on my back.


podcast Arificial Audios

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Arificial routine is a place where I write with freedom, writing about the day to day things. There are no benchmarks to be met. Just me writing regularly about my university life in Karachi, Pakistan.


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