Lost my head for a second

Victory. Number one. I think I have officially lost my head. For the first time in years, I have turned proud. It was so spontaneous, just couldn't help it.

After scoring the highest marks in the Traffic test, I have become more confident. This pride thing has to go. I have got to replace it with hard work.

Ubaid got only eight marks in Environmental engineering, whereas others, including myself, got 17 to 20 marks. It was a hilarious scene. I told Ubaid that justice has finally arrived, he has to face the reality. He has to feel the way we feel on getting poor grades.

Ubaid is irritated with only 08 marks. Azeem adds, "Just the right thing. (Acha hua.)"

Azeem also called Aisha a beneficiary of favoritism/ nepotism. Aisha's sister is a lecturer at our University. She goes all red.

I think calling names is wrong. We should apologize. Period.

From university, Azeem and I left for Relief Camp at PAF museum. They needed volunteers for the packing of stuff to be sent to the flood areas. So we came in to say,"can we help."

We were told that work shall begin in full flow after the fast completes, somewhere around 9pm till dawn. Phew.

Okay, so this was not the right time for the right work. Azeem, anyways, wasn't energetic enough about this work. So we left for our homes.

Photos of the flood (The big picture)

Currently, I am working on this online form, which when filled, would show the latest timetable. Anybody,at anytime, could edit this timetable by filling in the form. Cool, isn't it?

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