Our parents return from Medina

Father's back. 10 minutes later, found Ami as well. Awarded Papa rose petals. Both have returned from Saudi Arabia, happy as ever.

Once again, dad had so many pictures to share. And he had this narrative 'on' for each picture. It was a good show, as our relatives stared in awe at the magnificence of the House of our Creator.

Served tea.

Mami Sajda was amazed with my tea making skills, "Perfect. Especially the sugar," she said. Others just took the tea, and continued with the Hajj chat. Aneeq and I had little tea, which we spent thriftily in dipping chocolate biscuits.

There's a watch for me. All the way from Saudi Arabia. I like its digital screen, with leather straps. Class with technology.


Education. Finish incomplete workbooks (shame), and prepare for Soil and RCD viva.

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