Your presentation was excellent

Contrary to my fears, the presentation was went well. Our teacher called it the best presentation yet, while our classmates gave us approving A pluses.

Here it is:


It was hilarious to see Ayesha giving us a “C-grade”, (that is what I gave her, on their groups presentation). Tit for tat. No. Actually, she was right. By my own standards, the presentation wasn’t that good. I didn’t blow the audience away. I stuttered like 5 times in the presentation. I must have measured 40 degrees at that time.

A shaky start

After the first few slides, I gained in confidence, and then, the ‘flow’ arrived. It was easy stuff from then onwards. Erstwhile, my other group members: Ali and Azeem, were both confident, and sounded great as well.

Due to off-timings, not many people were present for the presentation. Its always easier to present a smaller group, than the whole class. Always.

Ice breaker

Sir Sadaqat was amused at our ‘please wait’ and ‘installing silence’ slides. They broke the ice.

The question answer session was good as well, but who is a match for Sir Sadaqat. We had to give in to his arguments.


Update: At the end of the session we received our grades: 5/5 for all three: Azeem, Ali and Arif. Psst: We didn’t even submit our project file.

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