Panic over RCD ends

A calm day, although I had sketched it out to be a terrifying one. It was one of the only few days of this year when I was in the class, on time. It helps to be on time. I understood whatever the teacher was explaining: Design of Pile Caps.

Azeem was sad today, he got only 14 marks in Soil mechanics. Others had got within the 17 to 20 range. He was dejected.

At the end of the day, I gave my teacher the RCD wor kbook. Again, I was late. Again, it was incomplete. But, I didn't dare to tell him that I was handing in incomplete work. To submit work late was a huge crime itself.

etabs modelBack home, I worked on Etabs. Although it is useless now, from the sessional marks point of view. I will submit the eTabs model to the RCD teacher by Monday. The model which was supposed to be checked way back in March. He would certainly turn red, but that's about it. He has this quality of no-trash talk; the quality of a truly educated person.

Tomorrow: Take photos of the ending session.

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