Watch out for tomorrow

Actually, I am feeling quite guilty, on the previous page, I have only written 2 lines, that is, 6 percent of the page, and now its a brand new page, a brand new day. Maybe, I should use it for some art: poems, logos, scenery; anything, just to make me feel less guilty.

Lead: 80 runs
2 wickets left
Day 3
Watch out for tomorrow, its going to be a happening day. Really excited to be meeting old friends. Lets see how they behave as seniors. More excited to witness a sheepish ‘new’ first year. But the best of all, tomorrow, Pakistan may well beat the Aussies in a test match, at their home ground. If we could just take their last two wickets cheaply, then our opening batsmen is all we require to win. But, we have been loosing, quite consistently, from such positions of strength.

Officially, tomorrow’s our new year. I shall be a student of third year, a year in which yours truly is all set to blast into success, fame and happiness. I have worked on my communication skills; my interaction with teachers, my pronunciation. I have studied for the last 40 days, Soil mechanics, referred to books and websites, and then churned out around fifty pages of notes. And today, I plan to revise whatever I have studied of this subject.

2010 is the magic number.

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