The anti-climax

So much for the anticipation, the excitement. A full blown boring day.

The match that we were to win today against the Aussies has been lost. The first day of university wasn’t anything to write home about. The friends I was to meet were more engrossed in their own groups.

The new first year was the only glimmer of hope. Their faces were bright, their clothes even brighter. Moving from canteen to department, and then the other way round. Moving with no worries. Must meet them tomorrow, to just check out their energy; our hope.

And, on a brand new academic year, what does the university give us: stale batch of teachers. It is new year people, we want some new faces, not the same old Sir Usher, the Uneb Gazder’s.

I did charity today as well. Then I turned greedy, and turned it into trade. I taught Najeeb the contouring  practicals, and tomorrow, he is to give presentation for my website.

Today’s lesson: The things which excite me, the projects I am crazy about, mean everything to me, and nothing to the rest.

Oh! I missed the Aunty story. Some aunties are so nice to talk to. She was waiting for her son; who was on his first day at university. Aunty asked me where she could find him. As an after thought, she confirmed that I was new first year as well. I showed her my three fingers, and said: “ Third year.” It was the way she talked which was so nice; so polished and sophisticated.

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