Teaching has begun.

A bad hair day A difficult morning it is when you have slept for only 4 hours. An uphill task it is to get ready for university which is to start in forty five minutes. I made a compromise: I would work on my hair (mess) in the car. So, I was in the class just 20 minutes late, albeit with a disastrous hairstyle.

First row, first seat was still empty for me. For fifty minutes, today we were taught the definition of a ‘project’: an elaboration of just 6 lines; one definition.

Next is Sir Fawad: Soil mechanics. Now Soil mechanics’ course is a difficult and exhaustive one, but Sir Fawad, being his new self, is busy teaching us baby stuff: igneous rocks, what is soil?, etc.economics

Our first lecture of economics followed. The teacher, unlike the most at NED, was a pro at his subject. Not only did he taught us economics, he also usurped our 30 minutes break. Funny me, I joked: “Wait patiently, we are going to get a Certificate of Economics at the end of the lecture.”

One hundred and thirty minutes: We only had a course outline in our hands.

Next up: Comic relief. Jaafri Sahab, municipal engineering teacher. This period is fun, there is lot of situational comedy to enjoy.

A day of teaching has ended. I really felt like leaving for home and then sleep, but I had some work to do: Tutorial of Automatic level. Team members: Usama, Najeeb, Ali, Azeem and myself. Usama was his usual self: “Got to leave, my friend is calling me.” Najeeb says he will an impromptu presentation: “After all its English that matters.” I told him that if this is what he plans to do, then he is fired. Ali went for the emotional, “My sister is waiting for me at the library.” So everybody, except the guy with only four hours of sleep is left working on the tutorial. (Azeem had already given his resignation before all this drama.)

After prayers, I began my presentation. Wrote down what I had to say. By that time, Ali, as per my advise, came back, leaving his sister at home and having had lunch.

Automatic level Both of us then went to Jaafri Sahab; the know-it-all of surveying. We told him that we wanted to know why the Automatic level was called Automatic. Jaafri style: He turned the table, and asked the same question from us. Ten minutes down the drain.

Then he worked on the computer, browsing to a website, which explained it in a simple manner. Mr. Jaafri was now in a mood to teach, but my father was waiting for me at the gate. He also wanted to know about my father, but I said: “Good bye, Sir, will meet tomorrow.” He replied: “God bless you”.

At home, as I write this, there is pain in my knees.

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