Jealous and sick

Flu tainted day. There were so many things to celebrate about today; so many moments of fun, but that flu, it makes a lousy man out of me. I simply loose my temper on the slightest of matters, only to regret seconds later.

There was an assignment of reinforced concrete design to be submitted today. As usual, mine was original, and incomplete. Nobody else, except Ubaid, of course, had completed it either. So they worked on it from the urban planning and management period till engineering economics period, and then the break. They were a focused lot; the assignment had to be completed. Irritated, the urban planning teacher said: “shame on you.” his face was disgusted. The economics teacher said, “When you are working on some other task, you loose trust, the most important thing in a relationship.”

Ubaid submitted his assignment: only one numerical correct. As he returned, the class went into a chaos, since this was the guy whose assignment they were copying.

The house of cards, that beautiful building, had been disturbed from its base. Everybody came under the axe; nobody’s assignment was correct anymore.

Then I submitted mine: I got a ‘good’ as most of my work was correct, and I could explain the logic behind each step: Mohr’s circle, stress diagram, ultimate moment, you name it.

I told this teacher that my assignment is incomplete because I am not feeling well. He gave out a laugh. Maybe, that is an issue with me: I don’t look ‘sick’ when I really am. Maybe, I should wear a shattered look, with some disturbed hair, on the eve of ‘sick day’, so that people shall believe that I really am not feeling well.

Usually, Ubaid goes red when his assignment goes wrong, but today was an exception. Maybe, he goes all nervous only when he fails, and everybody else doesn’t.

Back to me

Okay, I return home, with that so called ‘bad’ health. Lunch was nice but tasteless. I shall blame the tastelessness on my just acquired fever.

Went to bed happy with today’s achievement; but was fuming with fever. I woke up in much better health. The fever was gone; that feeling of throwing up was over. Just the flu left.

Ubaid had sent me his ‘so-called’ best assignment on building codes, and how they apply in Pakistan. I was in for a shock. The assignment was in fact amazing: Just too good. In the light of his assignment, mine looked so lame.

Ouch! I feel so sad.

As an afterthought

I should get a life. People can easily beat me just as easily I can beat them.

Grow up Arif.

Arif Samoon

Written by Arif Samoon

Arif Samoon is an Urban Engineer from Karachi, NED university. He is expecting to complete his degree by 2012. Till then, he is writing his heart out. Taking photos like they are for free, and motivating people to do the same.

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