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Tonnes of stuff to share. A million things to do, and an unending mental checklist, with online a few ticks. Thinking, thinking, and dreaming.

day dreaming

Time’s short

Now’s the time to start the show. Time to show the world your magic. Tell them what you are made of (cadmium, mercury, arsenic). The lions been dreaming for way too long, but that does not make him any less Lion. The moment he flips on to his four feet, its Game Over! for all other kids.

So, the story goes: Once upon a time, there was a young boy, who was always late. Once upon a time. He wanted to change. He wanted time to be under his control, yet, whatever he did was done well, but not on time.

So, the story goes. I am late to office today. Ten-twenty a.m. reads the clock. Pretty late. Salute the telephone operator-cum- receptionist, cum lead advisor, “Assalam-u-alalikum”.

math clockThen, push my days lunch into the refrigerator. Good morning wishes to the office clerk. Fetch some water, and into the Engineers Hall.

Junior! Who?

Its been an interesting last few days. I am Junior no more! There’s this new guy who came in for Noman, who left for Saudi Arabia, (job, Subhanallah). He’s got a Master’s in Hydraulics.

Here’s the best part: he is as bad at office work, as I. He would drag his feet while walking. Stare at people. Run away from office at 5:30 sharp. Move chairs around, and never return them.

Here’s more: he knows very little of computers. Even his hydraulics mastery doesn’t impress me. Maybe, that’s because of the computer handicap.

Adnan. He calls me “Dost”, urdu for friend. I teach him all things office. Big Boss, me. It’s a lot of fun telling people, okay, telling one person (in my case): what to do, when to do.

Ali is on job now

I texted Ali, good ‘ol friend from NED, in the morning. Today was his first day at job. Ali’s working at Mott McDonald. His mother inquired yesterday, “So that means, you get your McDonlads meals free?”

texting“First day! Happy meals begin.”

I am lovin' it.

Team meeting

Four pm. Time for my first ever meeting in an office. It was big bore. Again, more my fault. Did I ever bother to see what was happening here.

Our Boss is interesting, almost Steve Jobs-esque, in that he is unconventional. He received three phone calls during the meeting. Its about time to fire the Telephone operator!

It was interesting to note that all listened to him, intently. I was busy scribbling. Acting to listen in as well. They were discussing five ongoing projects, simultaneously.

Talk about information overload. So, I finish up the scribblings. Polished art pieces.

My minutes of the meeting are:

  • Get a projector, and show me what is happening.
  • Make it feel more like a meeting, and less a class room.
  • Improve ventilation in meeting room (asthma).

Missed chance

On reaching home, Ali, greeted me, followed by a two hour chat on nothing.

Minutes of meeting: Missed the HEC Scholarship deadline (big ooops. Could cost me $ XYZ, XYZ).

What was I doing?

day dreaming

Ali Zafar- the actor

Towards the end, one short piece on the second stint of Ali Zafar, the singer, at acting.

London. Paris. New York

london paris new york

So, here’s the confession: I actually liked an Ali Zafar movie! The film kind of grows into you. Especially that song which is redone by the female lead, towards the end (payback time).

7 stars. Plot has got a good twist, songs match the situation.

Again, lots to hate in the movie, (lots to Fast Forward x32). Too much drinking. Alcoholic insanity.

Ali Zafar looks only partially interested in his role. Stiff! Again, but, so is Imran Khan, the other superstar, in all his movies.

ali zafar vs imran khan

Lets start acting!

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