Lazy in Ramadhan

I think I should firstly put this up on my About page: Sleeps long, and at odd times. Today, was just one more day, where the author of this rocking blog, spent an entire day, sleeping.

The counterargument arrives later at night. When I speak to myself, “Its all good, if I can work at night.” All good? Maybe yes. I do a lot of work, but the way the night is designed. The darkness, the silence, it all eats you up. A few nights like this, and the feeling of emptiness looms all day.

And the reader might raise his hand, and say, “Me, too”. Its lazy Ramadhan. A lot of people get into the Ramadhan mode. Pray a lot. Spend a lot of time reciting/understanding the Koran, and even more in the mosque. For those who don’t, it’s a time to start the fast early morning, hit the bed, and wake up at the time when its all over, and one can restart eating.

This has been the fate of a few of my fasts. Where one feels like a million, a few, is one too many.

Again, there is time at hand. 5 more days of fasting left. Its time to get things straight. Tomorrow morning, and all the way till Eid.

The urge to study, to succeed is at an all time high. I feel that I can go as long as 5 hours a day, working on hard core engineering stuff. Yet, what I end up getting, is a badly scheduled 2 hour work day. This is not the way Champions work. The game has to be improved. Strategies have to be pinned, and plans have to be implemented.

The journey from man to human

I got a haircut yesterday. The event was interesting: The last few hours of the fourteen hour fast, me under the barber’s aggressively moving scissors; moving dangerously over my head, and then over my lips. Trim, trim, trim.

From the caves of Gulistan e Jauher, to the heights of NED University. The emotional tale of a haircut
Arificial Indulgence

Like always, there’s this smart, influential guy, also under the same hair treatment, chanting out his own story, to a forced audience, of course. Like always, this smart, influential guy, had a Great past, a turn of events, and he is where he is, at a cheap 100 Rupee barber shop.

He talked about this charismatic 65 year old friend, a Principal at St.Partrick’s School. “Man, this guy was sixty five, but you should just look at him. He still looks fresh. Gets his exercise done daily. May be that’s why”, and then he talked about his apparels, “He wears those dashing English boot house shoes. Man! Sixty five, and still….”. (Here, I thought, about my shoes, English Boot house as well. Bingo! I smiled to my self, as the barber kept on working on my hair).

At this he stopped his story, as the TV was airing some railway related news. Some sad news.

This moved him back to that terrible journey from Peshawar to Karachi, via Pakistan Railways. It took him a good 52 hours, plus a mineral water bottle for the toilet, to get back home. “Imagine, the horrors”, he stared at the barber, and wailed,  “Alas, the Pakistan Railways!”

By now, my haircut was done. The barber asked me to check myself in the mirror, which I hate to do, especially after a haircut. I gave a half-hearted side look at myself, and played the recorded message for such situations: “Its fine”.

Kis ne kaha tha Coke painsath key kardo?

There was Pizza to be had at home. I was going to get us some Pepsi, but there wasn’t any. So I got Coke instead. I asked for the price, and was shocked to hear: Sixty five. I almost let out: Kis ne kaha tha Coke painsath key kardo? (Who told you to sell Coke for just 65 Rupees?).

This was 13 hours and many minutes into the fast. The ultimate test of patience, and hunger. Not a time to share jokes. A punch or some hard object could come my way, with no one having the last smile. So I refrained from playing the ad.

Saying sorry

Two more amazing videos to share, one about the idea of saying Sorry. I watched the video, and said sorry: To all the Pathans and Memons. I always thought you less bright.

What are you sorry about?


Intel Visual life (documentary)

The second video is about this Photo Blogger, Scott Schuman. Scott gets 70 000 views a day. Yeah! I would get there in a century. Hopefully!

A stunning 7 minute documentary. High definition, and Intel sponsored.

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