Eiding the day out

It’s the end of Ramzan. Its time to cross the bridge, and Eid the three days out. A lot of times, a lot of things hold us back. Holding us back from growing, from being happy, and being a better person. Emotions, commitments, memories. You name it. At times things just seem so stuck.

Mass events like Eid, or in your case, Diwali, Christmas, New Year eve, et al; they come as an opportunity to let go off the rotting past. They allow us to move ahead, to live in today, which is bright, and colorful. Only if we bother to draw the curtains of our past.

So lets do it. Try this out on this eve. Be yourself. Work on things you always wanted to, but. There’s no place for these buts. Not anymore. Just keep moving, at your own pace, and towards your own goals. It might be a documentary that you wished to film, a model that you wanted to build, or a game changing blog that you wanted to write.

Do that. And remember to enjoy with the people around you. Eid the three days out; day one with family, two with friends, and three with foes. Promise to give it that full swing.

Eid Mubarak

eid mubarak
Time to cross the bridge, and eid the three days out.
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Time for work

Yes it was Eid, and kind of cynical to think about work. Unless, you have your relatives in town, the Eid day looks like a 48 hour affair. Every tick of the clock takes a seconds break, before moving to the next tick. Our relatives are all settled in interior Sindh, far, far away. A hundred and one miles to be exact (101.42 miles, at a bearing of 83.97 degrees).

So there’s so much fun that you can do on your own. Hence, the urge to go back to the real fun: work.

Bus Scheduling

A bit tough to understand when its on a graph, or in a table. So here's the animation of the bus scheduling. Although, I feel, that the representation, is still ambiguous. (Play at least a few times).

Suggestions to make the animation more clear are welcome.

My brother looked at it in a bored way, and exclaimed, "Your own road, hmm? No other cars allowed?"

3D Model of KL Bridge

From Windows Live Writer

I had been working on this model for the last two days. The design part in Google Sketchup was real easy. Talk about fun easy. Draw a circle, and click extrude to create a cylinder; piers in my case. Draw a rectangle, and click extrude to create a cuboid; a road in my case. More complicated models like trees, people and cars, were downloaded from the Sketchup website.

Just yesterday, I found out to major issues with the model: (a) there are three piers in the transvers direction, and not two, (b) the model’s vertical scale is a blunder. The freeboard, the distance from the surface of the water, to the bottom of the road, came out as 168 ft. Talk about a skyscrapper bridge.

Anyways, these issues can be easily resolved. I few more fun hours, may be. For all those into geography, maps, and 3d buildings, take a look at the model. Just download the model, and open it using Google Earth.

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