Preparing for the preparation

The fever is on. Time has become a volatile quantity. Two hours, at your work table, and you are craving for even more.

Aamir KhanThe table is far, far away from the kitchen, and it does not serve nice things to eat. It serves things to study, understand, and finally, learn. I hate the last part the most.

I have this short term memory, as bad as Aamir Khan’s Sanjay Singhania, of Ghajini fame. Its high time, I start remembering stuff; start writing stuff on my body. Start taking photos, and get them printed, to keep knowing, what I had known once. Forget to forget.

Now, what were we taking about?

Exams. Two weeks, or even less, if you are reading this a bit late, and then the mega event takes off. From the student’s perspective, the biggest event of his life, apart from of course, a Pakistan-India semi-final.

Time is short. The one with the better strategy, and better focus, shall win. All else, would have their hands on their forehead, in despair.


exam fever

Exam fever. Stitched this way back in First year.


The plan

So, what’s the plan. The plan is an inspiration from Cricket, the omnipresent sport. We can applying cricketing logic to almost any situation, and come out as winners.

The plan is to work on the tougher bowlers, Muralitharan, and Malinga, early. Milk them for the cheeky ones and twos. And then, when the Kulasekras, and other part timers arrive: swing that bat like crazy.

Soil Mechanics, is our Muralitharan, while Steel’s Lasith Malinga. We aught not to fall in their traps. Keep that head calm. Remember: Ones, and twos. Nothing flashy. Please.

Let them return to the pavilion, in despair.

Kulasekra, is Hydrology, easy, but deceptive. As part timers, we have got Environmental engineering, and Advance Materials. Go on, take out your anger. Be the man, and start the show. Give the crowd (in this case, your parents), something to cheer about. Smash! these are high scoring subjects.

the execution

Things are going pretty smooth. I am confident, that just before the exam, there would be surely, some well-baked Concept-cookies. At least, 250 runs by the fortieth over.

Time for hope, and patriotism.

Apart from this education, and cricketing frenzy, we have a life to live as well. See the examples below.


MagazineUrban Magazine

I have developed, and designed a magazine for my department. Its planned to be really thin and cheap.

Its going to be weekly. That’s the initial plan. Lets see how things work out, when the masses know about it, and ask for their 50 cents (or even less) to be added into the design, and content part. 

View the magazine, in all its glory, in this flash view.



I thoroughly enjoyed reading Meiryum Ali’s blog (Khayaban-e-Nowhere) from the Express Tribune. Funny, yet neither awkward, nor rude. And the flow? Its like Brian Charles Lara batting; textbook, yet shiny.

She makes it a big deal, of her being an A level student. That may just be a marketing gimmick. It is childish, but not irritating.

Highly recommended. If you know how to subscribe via Google reader, add this author. If you don’t, then youtube: “Google Reader in Plain English?” Learn how to subscribe, and then add this author.


If you look up a lot of images, but are irritated by the tough-to-use, Google images search. The solution is here: Google Images, itself, but the mobile version. I presume, that it has been developed for Android, but I works well on my pc as well. 

google images

It feels a bit like viewing photos in facebook. Very natural, and easy on the eyes. Plus, if you zoom in twice (mouse wheel up), the images look even better.

My fan page

It was odd, first: creating the fan page, and then promoting it. Asking friends to support, a’ la political worker of an unknown, weak party. Great people can have fanpages. Stars, can have them. Brands can develop them. But me? Odd, very very odd.

The idea was not to proclaim celebrity status. The concept was more of a personal nature. I needed a way to share, and organise, (great) stuff that I created. I also wanted to share interesting stuff I found. And, hence, the Fanpage.

Ali always laughs with his hands on his stomach, when I share my fanpage stats with him. He always says: “Very sad to hear that (Urdu: Bohat dukh hua, Arif.)”

      • 83 fans.
      • One fan from Africa.
        • One from Indonesia.

For all my fans in the world, and the one from Africa, and Ali, great news. You can now view the fanpage, right from arificial routine, itself. Excited, huh!

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