Winning over a slow day

Schaum steelHow about starting the day, when half of it is gone. Four in the evening. My so called ‘good morning’. I had spent last night: reading, and solving stuff; engineering stuff. Going through Schaum’s outline, and then, Soil mechanics, and some problems from the last class.

I wake up, feeling lazy, and useless. Its a crazy routine that I have created. I hate to live it.


Lets wake up to reality. Let us take things the way they are. So, after wasting a few hours, first in hunger, (since my mother had nothing cooked for me), then on the bed. Staring at the ceiling, while listening to the radio. Flipping channels at a frequency of 0.5Hz. I finally rise.

I take a long, hot shower. The hot water burning my scalp.

More water. This time, for the garden. The news from the greenland (my garden) is that the grass is not growing. Only a half of my garden is covered with grass. The rest, died off last year. We were lazy gardeners, then. You know what it means, when the greens lose their glow. It implies negative growth. The journey to extinction begins.

the grass is dying

I don’t know whom to blame this time. The grass has been cared for; I have watered them. Things looked good initially, but now, its all gloomy. Maybe, its that huge, mango tree, drying out the grass. Taking away both sunlight, and water. Taking away more than its fare share.

On the plus side: this year, we shall be getting lots of mangoes.


I return from the park. Junaid is busy watching cricket. Sri Lanka vs Canada. He is actually in a state of extreme boredom. Do we care, who wins today?

Finally, Junaid tunes into Atv. Its airing a soap. Yet another, conspiracy ridden story. A sigh of relief. Its a thousand times better than watching Sri Lanka pelt Canadian bowlers; where the Canadian team is actually a pack tired looking, South Asian immigrants.

shirt sketchThe drama continues: one woman conspiring against another. I take to my books, but start with the more interesting part of my work: designing a shirt for Final year. We shall be leaving our university, next semester. The shirt shall be our souvenir. Names of our classmates at the back, and “Urban engineer” logo on the front.

An hour of study follows. I focused on Soil Mechanics.

My game

I shall be taking trials for our department’s table tennis team. I am the self proclaimed captain of the team. Captain, on the basis of my seniority. Lets hope that we smash our way to the finals, or, in the worst case scenario, at least enjoy being part of the game, and then being knocked out.


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