Presentations begin

I actually amazed myself today. Despite sleeping at 4am, I was up and preparing for university at 7:30am. And I would have been on time for class if there wasn’t this cute cartoon on tv:

Chulbulee, Shampoo karlo apney baal.

-Lifebuoy Shampoo.

Today was an entertainment packed day. It was presentation day 1 (of five). Mine is on day 4, and I am pretty nervous about it.

First presentation: Walls Icecreamwalls icecream

Aisha started the presentation. She read paragraphs upon paragraphs about Walls, not fumbling one. Her partner Sidra was the exact opposite: She could only recall the first line of each paragraph. Apparently, Aisha also knew Sidra’s presentation, so she kept whispering the remaining lines of the incomplete paragraph.

And once, Sidra forgot the first line of the paragraph as well. Hence, she started laughing. Then went serious, and then jumped off to another paragraph.

Their (powerpoint) presentation running in the background was fuming with flow charts, tables, and bullet points. It was just too much.

In the end, they distributed hand made, and yes, beautiful, but childish brochures of Walls Ice cream. I must have been a back breaking exercise to make forty such brochures.

The best part arrived after the presentation, in the question and answer session. After the planned questions ended, whose answers Aisha knew by heart, Rizwan Memon stood up for the first genuine question; “To maintain quality, what brand do you use to make ice cream?”Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

Certainly, this was not part of the script. Aisha went into the Blue Screen of Death mode, then pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del, gained some confidence, and said, “Sorry, I did not understand your question.”

So Rizwan repeated the question, but with greater valor this time. To this, Aisha said: “Sorry, I did not understand your question.”

The whole class was in fits of laughter. Rizwan Memon, stubborn, repeated his question for the third time to get the reply: “Meet me after the presentation, I will tell you all the details.”

Second presentation: Soul | The deodorant for your sweat

Najeeb started well by telling the story of a near perfect guy looked down in his circle just because of his body odor.

Soul deodorantFrom then onwards, it turned into an impromptu speech:

  • - Look, we Asians stink a lot, since we have a lot of body hair.
  • - The only solution to this problem is Soul.

Azeem tookover. He tells that ‘Soul’ is really portable; Najeeb does the acting behind him.

Soul is also environmentally friendly because it does not use CFS (actually, Azeem meant CFCs, but he is terrible in spelling). End of presentation.

Chitori Motors_Scooty friendz

Third presentation: Scooty Friendz

Great presentation. Flying start by Yusuf. The company making the Scooty is called ‘Chitori Motors’. (Chitori is actually Yusuf’s nick name).

Somehow, Sunil spoiled the show. He looked less enthusiastic about the product.

In the Q&A session, somebody asked what is Chitori. Yusuf replied in his calm and c ollected tone,”All is well. Chitori means sabh theek hai”. (He had just made up this definition).

All is well 



Last presentation: Herbassence

Pomegranate Shampoo! Forget it. Wouldn’t use it even it was on my medical prescription. Nevertheless, both Areeba and Zainab presented it in an interesting manner. Unlike the rest, their pronunciation was spot on, and their presentation complete.

In the end, our teacher gave her remarks:

Walls presentation lacked enthusiasm; otherwise, good.

‘Soul’ presentation was crappy; did not use business communications skills. Where was AIDA?

Chitori motors, who say “All is well” (at this the teacher smiles), was good but they didn’t compare their scooty with other products in the market.

Herbassence was a very good presentation.

Najeeb and Azeem were very sad today.


Back home. Worked hard on the website for this diary (yes you are here), and also, became a member of the online task manager, TeuxDeux. Love them both.

Before I leave, a give you what I started the day with: Chulbuli.



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