Presentation ground work

If you look at my online calendar today, it says

8:30am : RCD test
2:00pm : RCD workbook (1-8)

I woke up at 3pm. So, did I miss all these tasks today? No, not at all. Today was a holiday, because it was Convocation day at NED university. For our Governor’s security, it was a holiday.

Ardeshir Cowasjee awarding gold medals | NED Convocation 2010Thirty minutes later, I had had my lunch, and then I started working on computer. Load shedding makes life quite thrilling. Thirty minutes from now, the electricity would go out. Such excitement: a race against time.

In thirty minutes, Ubaid and I decided on our assignment topic, Ali was invited home, and a website for this diary was created: Arificial routine

And then, the electricity went out. Ten minutes later, as per my request, Ali arrived. I told Ali that he was not dressed well enough for our task.

20 minutes later, all of us; Junaid, Ali and myself were in the car, all set to see another car: Toyota Altis | Cruise Tronic.  All of us were great clothes, but none was ironed, because of load-shedding.

We reached the showroom, with just 1500 Rs/- in our collective pockets, and focused on a car worth 17, 00, 000 Rs/-. Luckily, the salesman was the young, energetic type, and not the old grumpy type. He gave us a good review of the car, answered all our stupid questions, and then bothered to show us the car.

Side mirrors I told him that the side mirror looked quite cheap with the indicator light embedded. The calm and cool youngster turned aggressive. He argued that such lights are even included in luxury models like the Mercedez, Ferrari, etc. I replied, “but it still looks cheap.”

It was a surprise to know that the car is assembled in Pakistan, since our automotive industry is almost a non-entity.

We had seen enough of the car. Now, it was time to freeze those moments into 7 mega pixel pictures. Ali sat on the driver’s seat, gesturing a confident thumbs up, but the camera showed ‘lens error’. The last time I got this message was when the lens was hit by a ball. I am still guessing the cause of the latest ‘lens error’.

Ali slapped the camera. No more ‘lens error’. Hence, we took a few shots here and there. My turn to do some posing. The camera screen went all white, and said:

Battery exhausted.”

Lucky me. Nevertheless, Junaid took some pictures from his 0.3 MP camera-mobile.

Back home. I worked on my new website’s layout, and then on my signature.

Warning: Signature looks exactly the same as previous one.

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