An earthquake?

An earthquake of magnitude 7 struck us. It struck at 1:30am. The epicentre lied in the Quetta belt, hundreds of kilometres away. Did we get the tremors in Karachi? I was dumbfounded. It was around this time while I was surfing the internet. There was not a hint of earth movement. No plate tectonics taking place.


Yet, when Ali arrives in the evening. He tells me of the horrifying earthquake of last night. And we live, just a kilometre away from each other; 2 minutes drive for a motor biking Ali.

Distance from my home to Ali's

Ali has had a tough night. When the earthquake struck, he was socializing on Facebook. The sofa started shaking. The printer was moving to and fro. He shouted for his two sisters, and his brother, and logged out of facebook. From then onwards, there were hours of panic. They were now on the road, shocked, and scared. The girls weeping.

In a matter of minutes, people started leaving their flats. It was so late in the night, but the road was congested. It was mayhem, all over. That is what Ali saw, that night.

And the News Channels had something to report on (breaking news).


On our side


And what was I doing last night. I was creating a chrome extension, an app to be exact, for our Final year project. Our tasks for the project show on the right, and our research files to the left. The header shows the number of days left.


final year app 
Download the app here  (22.9 KB)


urban engineers forumToday

They say that the earthquake’s going to strike again. Anytime around 11pm to 1am. If it strikes the way it did last night, then I am least bothered.

And then, the day passed. Did nothing much today, except, this blog, and a change in the look of the Urban Engineer’s forum.

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